7 Ways to Support Elderly Neighbours This Festive Period

7 Ways to Support Elderly Neighbours This Festive Period

Author: Christine Farmery

For many, the festive season is a time of year filled with the joy and togetherness of friends and family. For others, those festive tidings can emphasise their disconnectivity and loneliness.

Christmas is a season that may carry sentiments and memories for people who have lost others, at a time of year when the days are cold and dark making it difficult for elderly people to get out of the house. According to Age UK, almost 1.5 million over 65s feel lonelier at Christmas and around one million will be eating dinner alone on Christmas Day.

If you have elderly family or neighbours, a few small kind gestures could make all the difference to their Christmas.

Arrange a festive visit

There are so many reasons to call in and see someone during the festive period: pop in for a cuppa and a mince pie, take round a Christmas card, knock on the door to do some carol singing, or take the children over in their nativity costumes.

We are all so busy at Christmas, but taking a small amount of time out to spend with someone less socially active could mean the world to them.

Age UK found that around four million older people said someone popping round to visit them could make their Christmas brighter.

Send a Christmas invite

If you know that your neighbour or loved one is going to be alone on Christmas Day, inviting them over for Christmas lunch would be a kind and appreciated gesture and could be the best Christmas gift. After all, there are always too many Brussels sprouts to go around!

Connect with a call

If you can’t visit your elderly relative or neighbour, then call them instead. Age UK research highlights that more than five million older people say the best Christmas present they could get would be a phone call from a loved one.

Let elderly neighbours know that you are available to help them and give them your phone number to use if they need anything.

Give good tidings of comfort and joy

The joy of receiving a cheerful card is often underestimated, but particularly for older people with limited access to digital resources, receiving a Christmas card through the door could be a welcome gesture of thoughtfulness.

Give the gift of festive food – if you’re doing some Christmas baking, share some with your neighbours. Or why not give the promise of an outing in the new year to look forward to?

Help with their shopping

Have you noticed how your elderly neighbour does their shopping? They may find it difficult to drive or get out of the house, especially during the winter.

Volunteer to help with their shopping by picking things up for them or offer to take them to the shops with you next time you go to get food or Christmas presents.

Share some joyful decorations

Many people living alone don’t go to the trouble of decorating the house for Christmas but joyful decorations could lift their spirits.

Offer to put up some decorations for them. If you have children, ask if they can come and help. Children usually love putting up Christmas decorations and elderly people will get enjoyment from their company.

Drive them for Christmas

Your neighbour may have been invited to an event or occasion for Christmas but may not be able to go if they can’t drive or if they are worried about driving when it’s dark and wintry.

Ask them about their plans and offer to drive them to any events or to see friends over the festive period.

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