How The Dower House is looking ahead with hope and positivity

How The Dower House is looking ahead with hope and positivity

Author: Michaela Hillan

There can be no underestimating the challenges we have all faced in different ways over the last year. And, as the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ grew ever closer we, like many of you, felt buoyed with the hope that the worst of the pandemic is now firmly behind us.

Freedom Day may have been postponed for a little while but at The Dower House we continue to look forward with hope and positivity. There is a real sense that we are close to ‘coming out the other side’ and so it’s time to plan how to embrace the changes that will bring.

Taking care of mental wellbeing

The sudden changes imposed on our lives in March 2020 impacted residents and staff in different ways.

As care professionals, we worked harder than ever to support our residents’ emotional well being as well as ensuring nursing and personal care standards were maintained whilst implementing new infection control protocols.

As a business, The Dower House also worked hard to support our staff as they dealt with the changes in their working environment and procedures, at a time when they also faced the same personal challenges as our residents - missing their families and adjusting to the many restrictions.

Now, as we look ahead, we continue to be mindful of the impact the year has had on our residents and staff and are actively implementing measures that will provide support where it is needed.

Taking time to re-adjust

As sudden as the changes were in 2020, we are conscious that the easing of restrictions brings with it a further period of uncertainty and adjustment.

People have different appetites for embracing a return to ‘normal’ and as such it’s important that we work together - residents, families, friends and colleagues, to respect those differences.

For the wider care industry, there will be a period in which confidence will need to rebuild. This will come from the continued progress of the vaccination programme, whilst locally we will continue to keep The Dower House as safe as we can for all.

Our good fortune in remaining clear of any Covid outbreaks is actually the result of hard work and determination as well as a sprinkling of luck. For that, we are all grateful.

Appreciating the little things

Lockdown allowed us all some time to slow down and step away from the frenetic pace of modern life. Time to appreciate the ‘little things’.

If the pandemic has given us anything, it has given us the opportunity for another perspective of life. One that reminded us that it’s easy to get caught in a whirlwind of ‘doing’, yet ‘being’ is just as important. Embracing a slower pace of life is good for the soul and it would be wonderful to see that perspective last.

Life at The Dower House

Life at The Dower House will continue to change in line with local and national guidance. We regularly review our procedures with regards to visits in and away from the home and our residents are enjoying the reintroduction of some of our former activities. We are delighted to be welcoming new residents to our community.

If you are researching options for residential care, and would like to find out more about life at The Dower House, simply call 01962 882848 or visit our website to take a virtual* tour of the home and grounds.

*At the time of writing, the UK was in the process of lifting Covid-19 restrictions, including rules on visiting residents in care homes. We will resume full tours and unrestricted visits in due course and as appropriate to protecting the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff.

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