The importance of organised activities

The importance of organised activities

Author: Sara Stagg

Organised group activities form an important part of the day and of the weekly routine here at The Dower House. Our Events Co-ordinator is always busy making sure residents have a variety of group activities to go to should they wish to, each weekday morning and afternoon.

One regular activity is our games afternoons, often involving Scrabble and Rummikub. Playing these games are great not only for social interaction (which is vital for people’s well-being) but also help to keep our residents using their hands and so helping with dexterity, as the games require tiles to be picked up and moved around and scores to be marked down.

Board games such as Scrabble and Rummikub are also brilliant for cognitive function, as they require players to make words out of random letters and complete number sequences with number tiles picked at random. This helps to keep players thinking and can also spark conversations, especially when interesting or unusual words crop up during a game of Scrabble!

An easy activity for those with limited mobility

The great thing about board games is that they’re easily adaptable for all players, which means that it doesn’t matter what the board is placed on as long as it’s a flat surface – so a large table, coffee table or tray if necessary will all suffice! These games are quite easy to get the hang of and so it means that not only do residents play, but visitors of all ages can join in, either with a group or also by picking up one of our sets and playing with the friend or relative they have come to see.

Building connections and social interactions

Board games are a simple way of bringing people together and enabling them to share something, even if they have found that they feel they do not have anything in common. They are a great way of breaking the ice for new staff getting to know residents, but also for someone who has just moved into our home it can really help them get to meet others and feel more relaxed.

As you can see, the activities that go on here are not just planned for fun but also to help our residents use other skills and ensure we are providing different ways to enhance their overall well-being whilst living at The Dower House.

Why not see what board games are available next time you visit someone in care?

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