The importance of respite care

The importance of respite care

Author: Philippa Thompson

Caring for an elderly loved one, particularly as a compassionate relative rather than professional carer, can be fulfilling and rewarding but also mentally and physically demanding.

Whether you need help with daily care arrangements or you just need to take a break – respite care is a temporary or part-time alternative care arrangement that can support you and the person you are caring for.

Respite care can be an important part of a care plan for both carers and those they are caring for, with everyone benefiting from the restorative wellness that the respite enables.

For carers, respite can allow them to rest, recharge, and consequently return to caring as a refreshed, rejuvenated, and more able carer.

For those needing care, respite enables them to spend time with others, potentially try new things, and enjoy a change in surroundings.

Types of respite care

There are several types of respite care available; the right option for you and your loved one will depend upon your personal circumstances and needs.

Respite care may be needed in an emergency, it may be a temporary arrangement for a planned break, or it may be a part-time and ongoing arrangement to support the carer’s day-to-day caring responsibilities.

Whatever your respite care needs, there are options available to help, including:

  • help from friends and relatives
  • sitting services often run by charities and volunteers
  • home care from a paid professional carer
  • day care centres that are usually run by councils or charities
  • residential respite care through short stays in care homes like The Dower House

The first step in a respite care plan should be to get assessed. Your local council will be able to arrange a carer’s assessment for the carer and a needs assessment for the person you’re looking after. This will help to inform the care plan and any respite needs as well as assess how it can be funded.

Respite for carers

Caring relatives can often feel a dutiful obligation to take on all the caring of a loved one themselves. However, it’s important to take care of yourself and get a break if you need one.

By taking time out from caring to look after your own health and wellbeing, you will be able to continue to provide the best possible care for the person you are looking after.
As a carer, it is essential to feel comfortable with the care a loved one receives. It is natural to feel worried or apprehensive about handing the duty of care over to someone else, By choosing a reputable and high-quality care provider you can be reassured that your loved one is in good hands and that respite care will be enjoyable for them as well as reviving for you.

Respite for those with care needs

It’s not just carers who need a break; people with care needs can also benefit from spending time in new company and having someone different look after them.

Respite care can offer a change of scenery, routine, new people to interact with, and new activities to enjoy. It can also allow those receiving care to socialise with people who have similar needs.

Respite care providers, like The Dower House, will ensure familiar routines are followed as closely as possible, ensuring the person receiving care feels at home and is well looked after.

Respite care at The Dower House

Set in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, The Dower House is a friendly home with a country house feel set within beautiful and peaceful gardens enjoyed by residents and their visitors.

The Dower House provides full nursing respite care in dedicated short-stay rooms. We offer a welcoming, home-from-home experience for your relative or loved one whilst you take a well-earned break. You can relax with the peace of mind that we are providing superb care in beautiful surroundings.

You can book a short stay for periods from four weeks, and we are often able to accommodate these stays at short notice.

If you’d like to book a visit to find out more about respite care at The Dower House and to view the facilities, please call us on 01962 882848 or click the ‘Book a visit’ button at the top of the page.

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